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AmiguruMAY 2020 has ended

Hope everyone is safe and well. A couple of days ago AmiguruMAY 2020 ended and it was an amazing experience. Started by the very talented airali design, all people that love amigurumi dolls share pictures for 31 days in a row. Each day having another theme.

Maybe some of you didn’t follow the Instagram hashtag or maybe don’t have Instagram. That is why I am sharing some of the highlights here so everyone can join the fun.

But what is it exactly?

AmiguruMAY 2020 is an Instagram challenge in which designers, makers and amigurumi lovers share their makes. In the picture below the themes are listed for each day. On the website from airali design you can find the definitions (I did not read them until the end of the challenge, so some pictures look a bit off topic maybe).

It is a month in which you can share your makes and make some fun pictures and to challenge yourself in creating some pretty content for your Instagram feed. Some days will be easy, others a bit more difficult. But in the end, you will discover new talented people with a shared interest in Amigurumi and maybe make some new friends.

My personal favorites

Some pictures where more fun to make than others, and some where even funnier. I will share some background story with the pictures, information that can’t be found on Instagram!

So, let’s go.

Day 16 Sunflower power
sunflower crochet pattern AmiguruMAY

I’m very proud of this picture as it was one of the first patterns I have ever made and it was the first pattern for me to have been published in a Dutch magazine. Whenever I see my sunflower power cushions, I feel happy. The pattern is now available in my Ravelry, Love Crochet and soon in my Etsy shop.

Day 8 Ducky the duckling
Ducky crochet pattern amiguruMAY

I am currently working my butt off to do a big update in my online shops. This Duckling will be introduced soon. Isn’t he cute? When making these pictures I really struggled to put my hand in such a way that you could see Ducky. He tumbled a lot while making this picture.

Day 12 spaghetti

On day 12 we had to make a picture that was food related. However, in my whole Crochet career I came to the conclusion that I don’t have any food related patterns yet. So that has to change. In order to make a fun picture I got an idea of making spaghetti yarn. Two things I love are spaghetti and yarn and if I could, I would have eaten this delicious spaghetti. I even used some small red leftovers to create the sauce.

Day 20, It’s a pirate life for me

Day 20 theme was what’s behind. To focus on the back of all those cute amigurumi’s. To make it a bit more interresting than just showing an amigurumi butt, I let Ducky and Bears go on an adventure and I had never thought they would find the lost treasure of Threaddy Red Beard! Instead of gold, Threaddy collected yarn of course…

And like Ducky, the bears are a new pattern too and will be available soon!

Day 18 Polly the Parrot
Polly the parrot pattern AmiguruMAY

The last one, on day 18 we had to share a close up and I do love a good close up, so it was time to introduce this cute little bird. Polly the Parrot. The pattern is almost finished and will also be in the shop soon. Like I said, there is going to be a huge update in the shops and after that a small celebration. Because, why not!

These pictures where my absolute favorites, but I am curious to know what is your favorite picture? You can choose the ones from the blog or one from my Instagram feed, I made a story of the AmiguruMAY 2020 challenge, so you don’t have to figure out which pictures belongs to the challenge and which one doesn’t. I can’t wait for AmiguruMAY 2021.



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