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Crochet and make a child happy

This year, the Knit & Knot event and Aan de Haak (both Dutch crochet related stuff, which I will definitely talk more about in the future), have joint forces to create a crocheted Christmas tree for the Child hospital in Amsterdam. Crochet an ornament and make a child happy.

I always like it when handicraft can be used for a good cause and this is no exception. The one rule: crochet anything that fits in a tree.

The cause

Make a child happy

Because I am a blogger for Aan de Haak, I got a message if I wanted to use my personal channels, to share this cause and spread the word. Being able to make some happy with yarn is my personal life goal, so I absolutely love this and will support. How? Well by designing of course. In my project page but also below this blogpost, you will find a free pattern of a heart. Make sure to have all the hearts finished and send before the 20th of October or bring them to the Knit and Knot in Tilburg!

I chose to design a heart with some glitter on it as Love and Family is the most important in life. Mine is a bit girly but if you make it green or blue and add some other glitter colors, I think all kids will find a favorite.

If I didn’t convince you yet, then here is another reason to participate: Make all the hearts from your left overs (this project is perfect for it), send them to the below address, ask new yarn for Christmas! I think that’s a win-win for everyone!

Aan de Haak, t.a.v. Christmas give away tree
Maanlander 14H
3824 MP Amersfoort

Spread some love, free heart crochet pattern
Spread some love and cheer a kid up with this heart shaped amigurumi

Do you want more information? check it here.
Let’s amaze these kids with some gorgeous crocheted ornaments this year (or knitted, if you can’t crochet) and make a child happy.

Heart pattern (FREE)

Click here to go to the pattern!

Cheers, Diana

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