Acorn free pattern

Another free pattern, this time to celebrate Autumn! This cute little Acorn is fun to make and can be used as decoration.

Did you know Acorns are also called Oaknuts? I didn’t, but it makes sense though. Mice, squirrels and other roddents are super excited when acorn season starts. They feed on them and need them in order to get through winter. These crochetted acorns aren’t for them to eat, but are an easy project to get rid of some of those yarn left overs. I won’t talk for much longer. Below you can find the free pattern, enjoy!

Acorn free pattern
Cute little acorns

Pattern Acorn UK abbreviations:

Colors: well, like I said I just some scraps, so any green or brown or different color combination will work.

  • Start with a magicloop of 5 stitches
  • *INC* 5x (10 stitches total)
  • *1 DC, INC* 5 x (15)
  • Next two rows: 15 DC (15)
  • Switch to the other color but do not cut the thread yet
  • Only in the backloops of the acorn, crochet 15 DC
  • Crochet 15 DC for the next 3 rows (15)
  • Crochet 15 slip stiches (sl st) in the green color in the front loops. Cut the thread.
  • Before closing the acorn. take the left over yarn from the magicloop and make a loop. Keep this loop in place and take the yarn through another stitch. Now use the loop and the left over yarn to create the stem. Crochet 4 SC, now crochet 3 DC back. move the yarn through the stitches again and make a knot.
  • Back to the other end of the acorn. Fill it with some polyester filling.
  • *1 DC, DEC* 5x (10)
  • *DEC* 5 x (5)
  • Close the acorn and tadaa, it is finished

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Acorn free pattern
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