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Spread some love, this free heart shaped crochet pattern is designed for a good cause. To crochet as many ornaments for a christmas tree, to send to the child hospital in Amsterdam. Click here if you want to read more about this cause.

Spread some love, free heart crochet pattern
Spread some love and cheer a kid up with this heart shaped amigurumi


Start with a magicloop and single crochet (SC 5).
INC 5 x (10)
1 SC, INC 5 x (15)
2 SC, INC 5 x (20)
3SC, INC 5 x (25)
Crochet 4 rows 25 SC
Cut the thread and make a second. These two parts will be the top of the heart.
Don’t cut the thread from the second half circle. Place both half circles together and SC though both half circles repeat this 4 times. (5 SC in both half circles).
Continue crocheting around the outside of the two half circles (you should have 40 SC, each side 20). Repeat this 2 times.
If any gaps are seen during crocheting in the round between both half circles, sew it together with a small piece of yarn (in the same color if possible).
Now crochet: 7SC, DEC, 5SC, DEC, 11 SC, DEC, 5 SC, DEC 5 SC. (36)
Crochet 37 SC for 2 rows
6 SC, DEC, 4 SC, DEC, 11 SC, DEC, 3 SC, DEC, 4 SC (32)
Crochet 32 SC for 2 rows.
6 SC, DEC 4 x (28)
Crochet 28 SC for 2 rows.
5 SC, DEC 4 x (24)
Crochet 24 SC for 2 rows.
4 SC, DEC 4 x (20)
Crochet 20 SC for 2 rows. If you didn’t fill the heart with some fiber, this is the last change to fill it.
3 SC, DEC 4 x (16)
Crochet 16 SC for 1 row
2 SC, DEC 4 x (12)
Crochet 12 SC for 1 row
1 SC, DEC 4 x (8)
Crochet 8 SC for 1 row
DEC 4 x (4)
Cut the thread and remove all the ends.
Add a loop at the top of the heart to hang it in the tree (optional)
Add embroidery to make it a bit more festive (optional)

I hope you enjoyed this free heart shaped crochet pattern. Let me know if there is anything unclear and I will try to help you.

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