Itsy the spider


Want to create your own Itsy the spider? You can find the pattern here on Ravelry or here on Love crochet. The shoes and hat can be removed and that’s why I like Itsy so much. Even though she is all dressed up, she is just a simple spider underneath all of that.

Want some more inspiration? Here you will find more project and patterns.


It wasn’t an easy job to put 6 shoes on. She can only imagine how ms. Centipede must feel. She carefully walks down the stairs.

Battie is already waiting for her at the door and she hears mummy making weird noises on the toilet. ‘everything okay mummy?’ ‘hmmuuhuuu.’

‘Well we’re going now, I’ll say hi to Draco’s dad for you. I’ll be back at twelve.’


‘Waaw Itsy, you look like the most fabulous witch I’ve ever seen!’

‘Oh Battie, you’re making me blush! You look cute too’

‘Let’s go to that Halloween party everyone is talking about? I’m all dressed up and ready to go.’

And so they went to Draco’s house. To the scariest party of the year.

Itsy the spider, dressed as a witch. A Halloween crochet pattern.
Itsy, all dressed up, is ready to party!

Are you ready for Halloween? Let me know how you celebrate this day and if you, like me, dress up the whole house or like Itsy the spider, go to a scary party to celebrate.

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  1. Een hele leuke spin Diana voor Halloween waar ook kinderen niet bang voor hoeven te zijn. En te gebruiken bij themafeestjes voor verjaardagen.

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