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With these days just before the festive season I always get a bit magical. With some luck we even have a bit of snow here. In this Wanted, magic is the keyword and I’ll share my top 3 of favorite crochetted hocus pocus.

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Wizardy crochet ~ Dinegurumi

Wanted November, Dinegurumi designs
The wizard and his apprentice by Dinegurumi

Okay, I could fill a whole Wanted post with Harry potter, but I think you’d like some diversity? Well Dinegurumi has some epic crochet patterns and this wizardy spectical is one of them. Isn’t he the cutest and the best thing he is customizable.

Furl’s crochet hooks ~ Furl’s

Wanted November, Furl's crochet hook
It looks like there is something magical going on inside this crochet hook ~ Furl’s

Abracadabra! Don’t they look like real wands? Especially when you see what you can create with a crochet hook. We talk in ourselves for a couple of days, weeks, sometimes months and tadaa, we have ourselves a scarf, a sweater or a doll. These Furl’s crochet hooks are on my wishlist for a long time, but soo pricey. But soo beautiful.

Knitting magic book ~

Wanted november, knitting magic book Tanis gray
The official Harry Potter knitting book by Tanis Gray

Talking about magic. Who doesn’t think Harry Potter? My generation grew up with Hermione, Ron and Harry and this book is too freaking amazing! Accio book… now I have to wait until I find it on my bookshelf. Even a real life Hedwig to knit for yourself! What else do you want? These cold rainy days are a very, very good excuse to start learning how to knit. The book will be available on 28 January though, so you can practice a bit before the real knitting starts. Available on Amazon and for the Dutchies! But you can also call your local shop and ask if they can order the book.

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