Rainbow fish

Today my Rainbow fish pattern launched in the Dutch magazine Aan de Haak. I am so proud of this pattern as the famous book inspired me and it really looks like the rainbow fish. It only misses the iconic silver scale. You can add that yourselves to make it extra special!

Rainbow fish

So now everyone can read the book while cuddling with the prettiest fish in the sea.

ADH amigurumi special 2

For all the Dutchies around, you can buy the Aan de Haak special here, my pattern will be somewhere in the middle! I have it at home and boy there are some pretty patterns in there! If you like Amigurumi, this edition will not disappoint at all.

The pattern, for now, is only available in the magazine and in Dutch, but I didn’t want to keep it from you all, as you inspire me every day to make the fluffiest and cutest animals and dolls. If you want to see more patterns, you can find them on the shop page.

Keep safe and see you soon,


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