Wanted in Autumn

Wanted Autumn

Hello and welcome to my first WANTED post, themed Autumn. These posts can contain anything that inspires me but they all have in common that I LOVE it and it contains some sort of fiber.

Autumn has just arrived and I love to curl up in my blanky with a hot cup of tea (and some chocolate). Here are three of my favorites to get you inspired on a perfect Autumn day.

Hedgehog Project bag ~ Eva Vercauteren

Projectbag from the talent Eva Vercauteren @ the blue rabbit house

Aren’t these the prettiest project bags you’ve ever seen? I adore this hedgehog project bag, because they aren’t that fluffy but they still look so cute. Follow Eva Vercauteren on instagram or go straight to her shop to get one of these too cute project bags! It will be such a joy to take your project from these bags.

Yarn & Colors musthave ~ Yarn & Colors

Some pretty autumn colors (musthave mini’s) from yarn & colors

Who knows me, knows I love cotton and all the cotton yarns there are. The gloss, the feel, everything! What can I say, I make dolls and they have to look pretty? Yarn & Colors is a yarn that specializes in color. It isn’t around for that long but because I can choose from 100! different colors it is one of my first choices when I’m designing a new project. Not only do they have a cotton yarn but they offer a variety of yarn, all in a wide range of colors! They make it so easy to pick a color and at the same time I usually can’t choose which color I like most! You can check their website and order a bunch of those little balls for yourself.

Foxy Broches ~ Lafty bro

Brooch made by Lafty bro

Talk about some talent. An Instagram found by accident but these are some real embroidery skills! It is actually a very specific embroidery technique. But more about that in another post. It’s Art with a capital A if you ask me. Lafty bro has made these two stunning foxes but there is plenty where this came from, just click here to find some more inspiration from Lafty bro on Instagram (not sure if you can order them though… couldn’t find a shop).

Let me know what you taught about this post by leaving a comment below and tell me what should be wanted in Autumn!


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