WANTED: Microbes and cells edition

Talented artists working with micro organisms

Now that the whole world has eyes for the corona virus and all around the world we are being locked down. I though it would be fun to do a wanted with some original and mind-blowing art, patterns and ideas that all relate to microbes and cells. Check these artists out, you can even make your own pathogen if you want!

All microbes and cells are made by yarn, felt or fibers. Absolutely safe to look at, no precautions needed, Enjoy!


Elinart micro organism art
Source: Elinart

Her art speaks for itself. Each piece represents fungi, Bacteria and spores that live around us and on us in harmony. On this plate they look gorgeous. I know from experience that most of them usually don’t smell very nice, though. Luckily these pieces of art are not smelling at all and you can buy them here.

Laura Katherine McMillan

Cell structures on fabric by Laura Katherine McMillan
Source: Laura Katherine McMillan

Virusses need cells as a host. No cells means a very short life span for the virus. That is why keeping distance is so important right now. But if we zoom in at our own cells and have someone as Laura Katherine McMillan use her imagination we see the beauty and complexity of them captured on fabric. Check out her website for more inspiration and cool designs.

Alicia Watkins

Embroidery art of microbes and cells by Alicia Watkins

Alicia Watkins is an artist with a passion for all sort of micro organisms and diseases. With her needle and some embroidery yarn, she has the ability to make even the worst disease look kinda cute. The example in the picture is a representative of the common cold and looks similar to the new COVID-19 virus. Check out her Etsy shop to make your own embroidery pathogen.

I hope you enjoyed these artists and the art they are making. As someone with a big interest in biology I really like to see it in an art form of any kind. Want more Wanted inspiration? Check it here.

Keep safe and see you later!


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