WANTED, summer edition

Wanted summer 2020 edition

It is almost July and here in the Netherlands the summer holiday is starting. While this year most of us have to stay home during the summer vacation. This wanted edition will contain two amazing crochet books and one cute embroidery kit to get that vacation vibe going, even from your couch. So, let’s get going. Back your crochet bag. Take your suitcase full of embroidery needles and let’s make our own crafty vacation.

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Let’s go camping crochet book from Kate Bruning
Let's go camping crochet book, Kate Bruning

Let’s go camping. A crochet book with lots of tiny crochet patterns to create your own camping site. It is very high on my To-Have list. Fun to make and fun to play with. If you can’t go to the camping, bring the camping to you! (Even if you don’t crochet, just google this book and enjoy the pictures, I LOVE IT!

You can buy the book here (dutch website) or for the Dutch book here.

Summer embroidery kit, Stitchonomy
Wanderlust embroidery kit, stitchonomy
Designed by Alyssa Westhoek from Stitchonomy

A fun and small embroidery project for this summer. Designed by stitchonomy, located in the Netherlands, this kit screams summer holiday! You can buy this kit or other kits on her website. Just follow this link. I also love -the mountains are calling, I must go- kit!

While I am looking at all these lovely designs I can’t stop wondering, where would you have gone this year? Share in the comments below.

Globetrotters crochet book by Ilaria Caliri
Amigurumi globetrotters crochet book by Ilaria Caliri.

Not in the mood for a hotel, camping or resort? This book will travel the world with a backpack. But mostly from your own couch, chair or bed… A book filled with patterns that promises you to take a trip to amigurumi land and introduce a lot of different inhabitants! I can already imagine how much fun kids would have to play with these characters and the huge backpack that comes along with it.

You can buy the book here (Dutch website).

Hope you have a fun vacation at home or maybe somewhere else (if you’re lucky). Hope to see you soon. Want more inspiration from other designers, creators and makers? Check out the other wanted posts here.



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