Daisy flower

Daisy flower free crochet pattern

Anyone that follows me on Instagram has seen this flower already multiple times. The reason is very simple. This pattern works up so quick and easy and is an absolute yarn scraps remover. When I start making one, I usually end up making 5 or more, depending on the amount of scraps. Either because my left over needs to be completely gone (so I don’t feel guilty buying new yarn). Or one flower is just too sad and it needs a couple of friends. To share this feeling, I am sharing the pattern for this little Daisy flower, for FREE!

Daisy flowers, free crochet pattern

What you need

  • One crochet hook, 3mm
  • Some scraps/ left over yarn (I used some yellow and white cotton) any color is sufficient.
  • A tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • 5 to 10 minutes, if you are new to crochet the first few could take you 20 to 30 minutes.

The pattern, US terms

  1. To start you need to create a magicloop including 6 stitches.
  2. Increase each stitch, you will end up with 12 stitches.
  3. Cut the thread, this is the heart of the flower. Weave the ends in.
  4. Add white to one of the 12 stitches using a slip stitch.
  5. Crochet a chain containing 15 single crochet.
  6. Attach the chain using a slip stitch in the yellow stitch next to the one you attached the white yarn.
  7. You created your first flower petal, Repeat step 5 and 6 12 more times.
  8. You end up with a cute Daisy flower, containing 13 flower petals.
  9. Cut the thread and weave in the ends. Your flower is ready.

TIP: Would you like to create a different type of flower, be creative with the chain length. And the size of the heart. If you increase until 18 stitches (two rows instead of one) with a brown color and you make the loops smaller, you might end up with a cute little sunflower (not tried yet, just an idea that popped up in my head).

Free crochet pattern Daisy

Possible ideas to do with the finished flowers

So now that you created a cute little flower, what to do with it. Well you can add it to a present or a card and send it to a loved one.

Make a broche or a hairpin with it. A necklace or a bracelet for a child. Make a few and put them together in a garland or in a vase. Let me know what you created with them, I am curious to see the finished objects.

Looking for the Dutch translation of this pattern? Click here.



WANTED Rainbow edition

rainbow wanted edition

This WANTED, rainbow edition will be one of the most colorful ones yet. Who doesn’t love a good rainbow pattern or design, right? It is colorful, bright, all types of rainbows are allowed (pastel, darker, mixing and matching random colors). And this edition contains only FREE patterns and designs! So take your leftover yarn/ all the yarn/ buy some new yarn and let’s get started!

A tiny knitted rainbow by Amanda Berry
Knitted rainbow pattern
The knitted rainbow, designed by Amanda Berry

When I was searching for some interesting rainbow pattern, I came across this tiny knitted rainbow from Amanda Berry. Isn’t it adorable? It is a free download on ravelry, so no excuses anymore to not start knitting!

Haak maar Raak, Kirsten, Queen of the rainbows
Larksfoot pattern Haak maar Raak
The little larksfoot pattern desgined by Kirsten

There is one person that can not be forgotten in this list when it comes to rainbows. Kirsten from Haakmaarraak.nl has some amazing rainbow patterns and some are even free! I choose the little larksfoot rainbow blanket to be pictured here, but go check out her website if you’re a rainbow lover like me! You will find a lot more patterns that you might like.

Punch needle rainbow

As promised, all patterns are free and this one is a complete DIY guide in French… but don’t worry another website has already translated it for you and it is also available in English. Cute for a childrens room. If you like punch needle or if you want to get to know punch needle. This is a fun project to make. Transform it into a keychain or a decoration piece.

Punch needle DIY rainbow pattern
A DIY punch needle rainbow by Purple Jumble

Translated by Perles and co you can follow the DIY in English. Want to practice your French? The original DIY came from purple jumble and you can find the tutorial here.

Enjoy these FREE patterns in this wanted, rainbow edition. If you want more yarn inspiration go check out the other wanted posts.



Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament

This week I share an oldie but a goldie, if you ask me. The Christmas tree ornament was a free pattern on my old website and will stay available here as well. I made them small but add rows and you can make a big tree. Perfect to add to your other ornaments and you can make them in any color. Add some lovely beads and this Christmas tree will steal the show.

Christmas tree ornament


  1. magicloop (6)
  2. INC 6x (12)
  3. DC 12 front loop (12)
  4. DC 12 back loop (12)
  5. 1DC, INC 6x (18)
  6. DC 18 front loop (18)
  7. DC 18 back loop (18)
  8. 2 DC, INC 6x (24)
  9. DC 24 front loop (24)
  10. DC 24 back loop (24)
  11. 3DC, INC 6x (30)
  12. DC 30 front loop (30)
  13. DC 30 back loop (30)
  14. 4DC, INC 6x (36)
  15. DC 36 front loop (36) Cut the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing.
  1. magicloop (6)
  2. INC 6x (12)
  3. DC 12 back loop (12)
  4. DC 12 (4 rows total) (12)
  5. DC, INC 6x in front loop (18)
  6. DC 2, INC 6x (24)
  7. DC 3, INC 6x (30)
  8. DC 4, INC 6x (36) Cut the yarn.
  9. Use atapestry needle and sew the top and the bottom together. When 3/4 is done, fill the tree with filling. Close it off.
  10. For the finishing touch add some beads to make your christmas tree special!

Will you show me your finished Christmas tree ornament? If you’d like to find more free patterns follow this link.



Christmas tree ornament


Acorn free pattern

Another free pattern, this time to celebrate Autumn! This cute little Acorn is fun to make and can be used as decoration.

Did you know Acorns are also called Oaknuts? I didn’t, but it makes sense though. Mice, squirrels and other roddents are super excited when acorn season starts. They feed on them and need them in order to get through winter. These crochetted acorns aren’t for them to eat, but are an easy project to get rid of some of those yarn left overs. I won’t talk for much longer. Below you can find the free pattern, enjoy!

Acorn free pattern
Cute little acorns

Pattern Acorn UK abbreviations:

Colors: well, like I said I just some scraps, so any green or brown or different color combination will work.

  • Start with a magicloop of 5 stitches
  • *INC* 5x (10 stitches total)
  • *1 DC, INC* 5 x (15)
  • Next two rows: 15 DC (15)
  • Switch to the other color but do not cut the thread yet
  • Only in the backloops of the acorn, crochet 15 DC
  • Crochet 15 DC for the next 3 rows (15)
  • Crochet 15 slip stiches (sl st) in the green color in the front loops. Cut the thread.
  • Before closing the acorn. take the left over yarn from the magicloop and make a loop. Keep this loop in place and take the yarn through another stitch. Now use the loop and the left over yarn to create the stem. Crochet 4 SC, now crochet 3 DC back. move the yarn through the stitches again and make a knot.
  • Back to the other end of the acorn. Fill it with some polyester filling.
  • *1 DC, DEC* 5x (10)
  • *DEC* 5 x (5)
  • Close the acorn and tadaa, it is finished

More (free) patterns? Check the freebies page for free patterns and check the projects page for payed patterns.

Acorn free pattern