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Crafting during Christmas

It’s almost time to decorate the house here. How about yours? everything ready to go? The Holidays are always very stressful and for me, it feels like December is the fastest month in the year. Whereas January feels like the longest ever to me. The Holidays are perfect for visiting family but usually not really for your hobbies. Below you will find four tips about crafting during Christmas time.

One: Prepping

I believe prepping is key to success in life. If you prep things and be prepared, usually there is plenty of time left to get some crocheting or knitting done. Can you prepare some of the Christmas dinner the day before? Divide the work and tadaa, another hour for you

Two: Going somewhere?

If you are the lucky one to visit the family, you can try to get some creative time in the car, bus, train, airplane. Before you are too busy entertaining your nieces, nephews or someone else, you can have some extra craft time.

Gingerbread doll
Have a jolly Christmas! If you’re looking for a fun and easy crochet pattern.
This gingerbread pattern can be found on Ravelry and LoveCrochet

Three: Get up early

When everyone is still asleep you can get some precious you-time. With a hot cup of coffee or tea and if you’re lucky you see the fresh snow before anyone walks on it. For me, untouched snow equals a little bit of magic.

Four: Emergency plan

If you can’t really do all the above options. There is an emergency plan, but ONLY use it in case of an emergency. Else they will know it for next year. Hide the cheese, or something else, which is really important for the dish you’re creating. Tell everyone you are going to the store to get some! FAST of course, you are panicking a bit (practice some online acting lessons). You get your bag and the so called not-in-the-house-cheese and drive to another street. Park the car and craft away for 45 minutes (or more, if that is more realistic). When you come back, tell everyone how busy it was and why it took so long (acting again of course). Voila, you got yourself an extra hour or so of crafts.

I hope you will be crafting during Christmas. These tips may at least help you to find some time for yourself and if you need pattern inspiration, take a look around the blog.

Have a lovely Holiday and see you in 2020,