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Passion for yarn

Crochetted bees and french knitted beehive

If you didn’t notice already, I have a HUGE passion for yarn and everything related to it. My to-do list is longer than I want it to be, but I don’t mind, it keeps me busy. Even on days where cheesy TV shows and a cup of hot tea are my best friends.

By day I am a fulltime working employee, by night I am a blanket burrito. Armed with a 3mm crochet hook and some cotton yarn.

I dream about all the things I would love to achieve with my passion someday; Designing patterns, rediscovering French knitting, learning to knit, having my own little shop and teaching children that these old trades aren’t as old-fashioned as many people think. Oh, and most importantly making my hobby a fulltime business of course.

Amigurumi designs in which I expres my passion for yarn

For six years I’m designing my own crochet patterns and sell them here and there. 2020 has become the year in which my dreams are becoming plans and with each step, my business is starting to take shape.

Recently a question was asked by LoveCrafts: ‘how do you express yourself through craft and it got me thinking’.

I have a passion for yarn that I express in worlds made out of fiber. From the single adventure my characters experience to the complete worlds I am creating. My characters will come to life. My work is always very colorful and each design gets its own name and story. Like Ducky here, who found the big treasure of captain Red Thread with some help from his friends. Even smaller projects now will get a bigger role later. I love to proof that you can create anything from a ball of yarn.

Ducky and the pirate chest
Look what we found!
Ducky and bears treasure hunt
The biggest treasure hunt of captain Red Thread!

These worlds will be made out using different techniques, characters and details. I hope they will inspire children and grown-ups to create their own stories and adventures. Currently, I am in the process of creating my first ever story using yarn. To give an example, I made a tiny world about bees that love nothing more than flowers.

Crochetted bees and french knitted beehive. The stories I hope to tell through my passion for yarn

Imagination is a superpower a lot of people forget when they grow older. I believe imagination and a fluffy friend is quite important. Especially when you are little. It comforts you, puts a smile on your face and with your favorite pall you can do anything. Making your own fluffy friends gives them that little bit of extra magic.

I love it when people get inspired by my designs. The smiles and ooh’s and ah’s when people see my dolls are proof for me to keep on creating. One by one I am putting more creativity in everyone’s life and that has been my goal from the start with Vaemkes.

So now I am curious. What is your passion in life and how do you express yourself through craft?