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Exploring the textile museum in Tilburg

Textiel museum TIlburg

Like I said before, this blog is not only about crochet. Although that is the main part for now as it’s the one technique I know the best. But I am exploring the Horizon and boy how divers threads can be used. This time I was very busy exploring the textile museum in Tilburg.

Two weeks ago, I visited the textile museum . A museum about all kinds of crafts.

Textiel museum Tilburg, weefgetouwen
The history of textile, before the factories people worked on smaller machines to weave fabric. The whole family worked together to create this.


The history of Tilburg and textile are closely related. Now Tilburg is a modern city where mostly students study and non-students can shop. Before that, Tilburg was a very important city in creating all sorts of textile and in the beginning, people worked from their homes to create beautiful textiles. later on, big factories where build and when the steam engine was invented the factories became even bigger. Nowadays only the textile museum holds the history of this amazing city and shows the relationship between Tilburg and textile.

What to expect

For me, it was the first time Textile museum and I really thought it was bigger. So, if you want to go, combine it with a day in Tilburg or plan something extra. You need around 2 hours to see everything and you will have plenty of time to do something everything.

When you go exploring the the Textile museum in Tilburg, check the website first to see what kind of special displays they have. Maybe you would like to see a specific designer or artist or you don’t like the designs or artists that are currently displayed. Plan your trip so you will see something that is interesting to you.

Textielmuseum Tilburg
Yarn and so many different colors

What to do

So, you also wonder what you can do at the textile museum. You can see some of the machines working and making new designs for famous or less famous artists and designers. The history of yarn can be seen. They have a massive library.

For kids there are some fun things to do too. They can make their own Pom Pom’s or do some French knitting.

If you’re not living nearby there is a possibility to eat and drink something (and it is really tasty).

There are two shops, one located in the museum the other one just outside of the museum. In the shops you can buy some cool stuff to take with you but the shop outside of the museum is only open at certain times and days, so check those too, if you’d like to see it.

Textielmuseum Tilburg
I want all the blankies!

Exploring the textile museum in Tilburg was a fun experience and in the future I will be back someday. I’ve had lot’s of fun and went home with a lot of new inspiration, new color ideas and structures to use in the future.

Let me know if you went to (a) Textile museum before and what you experienced. I’d love to here it. Want some more inspiration? Look around a bit more aroung on my website.

Cheers, Diana