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The perfect handmade crochet hook

Every crocheter searches the internet for the perfect crochet hook. It’s beauty, the shape, perfectly sized for your hand, not too expensive and as a bonus especially made for you.

Crochet hooks

A personalized crochet hook.

Just admit it. We all thought about it, the perfect crochet hook that makes your crocheted work stand out, is easy to work with and lies perfectly in your hand! Oh, and it needs to be a beauty of course. The eyes want something too.

A few months ago, I visited Henk in the Netherlands and let me tell you this. That perfect crochet hook might be just a click away!

His hobby is to create something beautiful out of wood, where we like to create something pretty from yarn. The point is, we, creative people, love to create. We have a passion for it and we just can’t help it.

In the end the perfect crochet hook is a tool that helps you to be better or to crochet a little longer and I don’t know which hook is going to be perfect for you. But the crochet hooks, made by Henk are definitely unique.

The perfect crochet hook

In my opinion the perfect crochet hook are several ones. First you will have your cheap one dollar (or maybe 2 dollar) crochet hook. The one that teaches you the basics and shows you to love your new hobby. I prefer metal tips, because it slides easier over the yarn. But there is nothing wrong with a wooden or plastic crochet tip. Then the second hook you will buy, okay I’ll be honest, it will probably be a set… and not the most expensive one for most people. Because all those projects need all kinds of different crochet hook sizes.

Furthermore, the third hook you will buy is one to get as a present to yourself or from somebody else. In the meantime, we collect all kinds of weird, free, expensive, luxurious crochet hooks, but we usually keep going back to number 1, 2 or 3.

Until now. The crochet hooks made by Henk are custom made, and completely adapt to your hand. I tried some when I was there and I believe I found my new crochet hook.

Crochet hook
Some of the crochet hooks I could try. They are even prettier in real life!

The process

Henk makes his crochet hooks from different types of wood, starting with a small piece of wood which is than crafted into the basic of a crochet hook. After that a tip can be added or the tip is made out of the wooden neck. But if you like a personalized crochet hook, before Henk can start you need to measure your hand. Below, I will show you the process. Henk also explains it on his website.


Every hand is different, that’s what Henk explained to me and this means that not one single crochet hook should be same. It starts with the way you hold your hook (like a knife or like a pen). So that’s step 1.

Onto step 2: Measure how think the handle of the hook needs to be. Wrap some yarn over a stick until it feels natural. Write down these measurements. Everything is also explained on the website from Henk, including pictures for the non Dutchies over here.

Step 3 (optional): If you’re in the Netherlands you might want to visit Henk and weigh the different types of wood. I didn’t think it would matter as much and was mostly focused on colors (I love the pear color most, or the red). In the end olive felt the most natural in my hand. It won’t make a big difference so if you really, really want that color, go for it. But if you want a personalized crochet hook, try the wood first. It might surprise you.

Step 5 is to measure the length of the neck. Some crocheters like a short neck, others like it a bit longer. Every size can be personalized to your specific needs.

Step 4: Now Henk needs to get all this information in an email so he can start creating the crochet hook. Smaller tips are added in metal, bigger hook sizes (3.0mm and higher) are created from the wood.

Woodwork on Crochet hook
Three phases of making a crochet hook from a piece of wood.

Want that hook?

Before buying all the crochet hooks. Just read a bit further please. Henk invented something new and something we dreamed of for a long time. One hook to rule them all, if you’d ask me. A hook that can switch sizes! One size handle fits all tips. I was amazed by the genius but simple techy techy behind it.

This new hook is available from January!

Crochet hooks
The new crochet hook

Crochet longer

Be warned, I am not a doctor. But a personalized crochet hook may help you when your hands hurt and it becomes more difficult to crochet.  A hook should support your hand and relieve any stress or tension on the muscle. if you know someone that stopped, due to pain, you might want to try this one of a kind crochet hook. It might help you and if so, it means that more people can create, make and enjoy crocheted items and that sounds amazing, if you ask me and if you need some inspiration, just look around here.

Now I’m off to buying some new hooks and trying to decide which one I like the most. See you around!