Hello! Below you will find all posts related to my Wanted series. Each post contains lots and lots of inspiration from Crochet to Pom Pom making and everything in between. Look around and enjoy all the beautiful stuff. You will find a link to the artist his or hers main website/ shop or social media profile together with a link to a webshop, whenever possible, to order their stuff.

I take no credit for all the stuff listed here, it inspires me, give me butterflies in my stomach or is just too beautiful or funny to not share with you.

rainbow wanted edition

Rainbows, who doesn’t love them? This edition is full of them and every project listed is absolutely FREE. Enjoy creating and go check out these amazing people: Kirsten from Haak maar Raak, Amanda Berry and purple jumble.

Wanted summer 2020 edition

The wanted summer vacation edition. Contains The globetrotter crochet book, written by Ilari Caliri. The Wanderlust embroidery kit from Stitchonomy and another crochet book, lets go camping, written by Kate Bruning.

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